RSO Vs BODC Comaprision

Dedicated Delivery Centers

RSO (Remote Satellite Office)

BODC (Branded Offshore Dedicated Center)

RSO is ideal for organizations requiring dedicated teams comprising five or fewer individuals.

BODC is ideal for organizations that opt for dedicated specialists comprising ten or more individuals.

With RSO, systems and networks are usually provided based on the need of clients.

A separate network is dedicated to the client along with secure access for the teams dedicated to the BODC.

RSO will help you evaluate or re-evaluate your outsourcing decisions.

BODCs work well for both startups and existing organizations in situations where we can run one or multiple IT projects instantaneously.

RSO helps organizations save time while providing cost-effective office support services.

BODC can comprise one or multiple SD and QA teams and can be set up by the outsourcing partner at their premises.

RSO can streamline IT management and can accelerate provisioning of remote systems.

With BODC it is possible to decrease or increase ODC staff when client integrates with some other organization.

RSO can help increase the value of business processes by integrating remote office support to provide work places at home or closer to your workforce.

BODC's are easy to set up and easy to cancel. BODC also helps reduce costs as compared to onshore and offshore employment costs.