Application Maintenance

Application Services

Vensai collaborates with clients to establish detailed requirements and deliverables to guarantee high performance for your portfolio of applications. Our service level agreements address the entire development and maintenance cycle, including service delivery, performance management and optimization. We provide round the clock product support at L1, L2, L3 and L4 levels, and guarantee a completely flexible system that will grow with your business.

Why Choose Vensai?:

  • We at Vensai will transform your Application Development Process to achieve a comprehensive and challenging solution

  • Our ADMS framework ensures comprehensive knowledge transfer, so that you don't have to depend on subject matter experts

  • You will have complete freedom to interact with the team dedicated to your project development

  • In price formation policy, we are the most attractive and desirable option for you

Have a Glance at our ADMS Benefits:

  • We will help you in reducing your development costs

  • We will transform your inherited system to a modern system with the use of latest technologies

  • We will provide you an ERP system which is integrated with customized development

  • We will help you in easy understanding of your data set

  • We will provide you with developed lifecycle management for your key business processes with latest software's

Agile Development Services:

Leading organizations across the world trust our expert Agile Development Services. Vensai provides a wide range of Agile services to help our clients make a continuous change to an agile environment. Our goal is to provide our clients with more effective and efficient agile development services, resulting in better products and speed to market. Our Agile developers and certified engineers use the Agile Development Scrum framework to work with your team around the clock during the entire course of the SDLC, understand your needs, and ensure higher productivity, quality and client satisfaction.

Our Agile Services includes:

  • Agile process definition, design, implementation and deployment

  • Agile Development with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

  • Agile readiness assessment

  • Agile development assessment

  • Agile knowledge-transferring services

  • Development of novel business solutions

Benefits of our Agile Services:

  • Organizations using our agile services benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our focused agile expertise, software specialists, testers and quality assurance experts

  • Our agile principles, practices and developments at work, help our clients to speed up the SDLC process without encountering any problems associated with the adoption of new methods

  • Our agile services help organizations in risk identification and risk mitigation at the earliest possible stage


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